Grandstream Dubai

IP telephony has revolutionized the business communication in a greater way. Things definitely have changed with the introduction of VOIP technology. It could be a great drawback if your enterprise is not shifted to the VOIP technology. Your business might have a small PBX system to meet your communication demands, but along with the business growth, sometimes these systems were not enough to fulfill the demands. There the importance of internet based systems come. IP systems have much to offer for a business – it reduce the communication costs drastically, enhance productivity and efficiency, can be easily integrated with the CRM software and other applications etc…. You could have reasons to implement IP solutions – whatever be it, the system extends many benefits to the enterprises. If you have a plan to implement IP systems for your business in Dubai, you can approach a reliable and experienced IP solution provider in Dubai who will be able to help you in implementing affordable solutions.

Grandstream Dubai

Powering your business with Grandstream Dubai

Grandstream is a global leader that is specialized in the manufacturing of IP-based communication systems including business conferencing systems, high-end IP phones, VOIP gateways, IP PBXs and surveillance cameras. As a leading Grandstream distributor in UAE, we are specialized to providing communication solutions with Grandstream Dubai products. The portfolio of services and products we deal with include Grandstream video conferencing, Grandstream IP PBXs, IP phones.

Enhance your business conferencing with the Grandstream Video conferencing systems

Grandstream has transformed the face of conferencing by its video conferencing systems. We are skilled in designing and implementing with Grandstream video and audio conferencing in Dubai by executing the customer’s expected demands and needs. Our professionals accept a practical approach to provide complete business conferencing solutions with the video and audio conferencing systems. Grandstream UAE provides Full HD conferencing system and audio conferencing system. Some of the highlights of the Grandstream GVC3200 video conferencing system include.

  • Support for different video conference protocols
  • Interoperable with other SIP video conferencing platform
  • 9-way video conference possible
  • Dual band Wi-Fi offers Mobility
  • Easy to use with varied applications like Google, Skype, Facebook etc…
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Can record all conferences, events etc…
  • SIP/Android Video conferencing

Grandstream video conferencing systems are perfect for industries including retail sector, education sector, financial institutions, hospital industry etc… Our solutions with the conferencing system have many benefits including, save time and cost, reduce the traveling overhead, face to face communication and more.

Business communication with Grandstream IP phones Dubai

Portfolio of products includes IP phones as well. Grandstream IP phones are best suited for businesses of all types and size.  These phones deliver exceptional sound quality and other telephony functionalities. It is interoperable with the SIP-based products and it makes these phones a preferable choice for many businesses. Due to its wide range of features, the Grandstream IP phones are considered as the next generation phones. It includes a broad range of categories such as the High-end IP phones, basic IP phones, Mid-range IP phones and Softphones Apps. We are mastered in configuring IP telephony solutions with all models of IP phone series. Besides providing IP Voice telephony in Dubai we provide IP Video Telephony as well. It includes Video IP phone for android and the extension modules. Grandstream Video telephony system provide all in one communication with multi-platform video calling solution and android functionality.

Some of the feature include:

  • 6 line 6 SIP account
  • 6-way voice conferencing and 3-way video conferencing
  • 7-inch high-resolution capacitive screen
  • Bluetooth for headsets
  • and more

Grandstream IP PBX system Dubai

Grandstream’s IP PBX system is a promising solution for the business to achieve its communication objectives. It has been designed for the small and medium business purposes where it supports up to 500 and 2000 users. We deal with the two models of UCM series including UCM6100 series, UCM6200 series and UCM6510. We are adept at designing and deploying telephone systems with the Grandstream IP PBX systems Dubai.

Get the VOIP solution from the leading service provider in UAE

We are renowned as the foremost service provider in the vertical of IP telephony in Dubai. The customer-centric approach and a strong network delivering highest quality solutions across the business of all sizes made us a prominent player to providing advanced IP solutions with the leading brands in UAE. We offer solutions to all kinds of industries and institutions in and around UAE. The portfolio of services we provide include IP phone systems, IP PBX systems, Video conferencing, Audio conferencing solution and wireless phone systems – no matter the size of your business, we have a system for you. Today most of the businesses are a part over an IP network that ties together with Voice, Data and other unified communication systems. With the Grandstream IP systems, we help you to get the system for you ranging from planning to installation. We have our service operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman.