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Improved telephone systems have become a necessity for today’s business. Telephone systems are the pillars that bring success to any business, now-a-days it is the key tool business depend on to communicate with the world. Therefore thinking to upgrade or implement new telephone system would be wise as far as the business is concerned. With the VOIP technology (IP technology), the communication is made simpler and refined. It drives business to achieve good heights, a number of extensions can be increased, boost the productivity and efficiency, save time and money on telephone costs, increased flexibility and deliver good results – the benefits the system bring is immense. Therefore if your business in Dubai needs good Internet-based telephone solutions, it is worth considering a reliable and experienced IP telephony provider in Dubai. When it comes to the telephone systems including the IP phones and IP PBX then Dlink telephone systems in Dubai could be the best choice you can depend on.

Dlink Telephone Systems Dubai

Power your business communication infrastructure with Dlink UAE

As the business expands, it is required to update the communication set up with the advanced systems. Your communication will be limited to certain functionalities with the traditional phone system. Looking at the features and functionalities it delivers, it is worth changing to VOIP based systems. When it comes to the IP solutions in Dubai we have the right solution with the Dlink telephone systems in Dubai.

Dlink UAE is a well-known name in the industry that manufactures communication systems including the IP PBXs, IP phones, network devices, VOIP gateways, interface cards and other network accessories. Given the advantages it brings, Dlink IP PBX, Dlink IP phones and Dlink VOIP gateways are highly acclaimed to the service providers in Dubai. As a leading Dlink distributor in Dubai, we extend our IP telephony solutions to the industries including hospital sector, financial sector, educational sector and more. The solutions with the D-Link is considered to be effective and productive.

Mentioned here is about the comprehensive D-Link IP phones Dubai. The category of IP phones comprises of the android video, SIP-based business phones and the IP phones.

  • D-Link Android Video IP phone: This series of phones is the latest of its kind with the advanced features. Featured with the audio and video applications the D-Link Android Video IP phone is a good prospect for the business looking for easy to use business video phone
  • The D-Link’s 150 series phones are designed for the office purpose communication. With the beautiful design and features, it is good for varied business requirements.
  • The D-Link’s 400 series phones are perfect for the home and office too. It’s been featured with the advanced VOIP technology and features which make it ideal for any business communication and making long distance calls. With built-in phonebook, the series of this model allows to store up to 100 contact numbers. It offers quality voice and with the voice activity detection feature this series is a sure shot for your business.

D-link is well known for its IP PBX systems. Dlink IP PBX system has been designed for serving communication requirement in a better way to the business of all sizes. The D-Link IP PBX systems have been classified into enterprise enhanced IP PBX systems, SMB IP PBX systems, SMB enhanced IP PBX systems.

  • If you are looking for to meet the medium business communication requirement, then the best choice would be to pick the D-Link enterprise enhanced IP PBX system. It is a good pick when it comes to the ease of use and other advanced features that make the communication extremely faster and reliable. It is scalable as well, so you do not have to worry as your business expands.
  • Suppose the business you run is small and you require an appropriate telephone system that serves your communication need then the good choice is to have the D-LINK SMB enhanced IP PBX system. It has all the advanced features that are required to meet the communication goals of small to medium business environments. Additionally, the phone bridge enables the business to have the conference through the web interface.
  • If the business wishes to have the traditional phone features in an advanced IP PBX system D-Link SMB IP PBX would be the choice. Some of the extra features it provides are the visual voice mail, auto attendant, music on hold etc… The system is ideal for the business that is required to support 100 extensions.

Besides the models, there are systems that have been designed for the business. You can contact us know the particulars and the functionalities of the D-Link telephone systems In Dubai, UAE.

Bonding with the D-Link telephone system in UAE

Be it to develop or upgrade telephone systems for your business in Dubai, we have the right solution with the D-Link telephone systems in Dubai. Having all the required features and options, the D-Link systems are perfect for the business looking for advanced IP PBX systems in UAE. To satisfy the communication requirements, Dlink UAE comes with wide range of IP phones and IP PBX systems. Another important highlight of the D-link product are is its great software and hardware flexibility. Due to the important features of these systems, D-link products are good for every environment. Comprehensive systems that offer multiple benefits means improved business productivity and profitability. It’s no wonder D-link telephone systems Dubai have become a wonderful option for many businesses. Get in touch with us to know more about the benefits of employing Dlink IP phones and Dlink telephone systems Dubai.