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Ever since the beginning of Telephony PBX , in Dubai, UAE we’ve provided and managed a broad range of telephone systems and IP PBX SYSTEM DUBAI to big and small businesses, including leading Enterprise companies in UAE and abroad.

Telephony PBX delivers organizations entire communication TELEPHONE SYSTEMS. We make use of the latest VoIP and PBX systems products from leading telephony brands, to make available businesses, a far more reliable, more resilient, less expensive and even more flexible approach to remain connected. Our Goal to enhance day by day operation of your business  in a telephone communication point of view and also to offer you  customized solutions , which could grow together with your business. Our product range ideally suitable for growing and quite crucial business sector. We’re dedicated to our clients. We deliver Telecom Solutions and PBX Systems that actually work and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We offer telephone system solutions and manage clients in Dubai , Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah , Um Al Quwain, Al Ain, UAE


PBX System Dubai to Improve your Business Infrastructure

Today, the importance of intelligent solutions for easy and smooth telecommunication has reached its peak. This demand is assured to rise in the business market. As communication in an indispensable part in any section of our life, compromising it only jeopardize our routine.

To help you avoid such scenario for your business, we provide you with cutting edge PBX System Dubai solutions which improves the productivity of your enterprise while decreasing the overall costs. Yes, we integrate the latest technology for the betterment of your business and to help you improve your relationship with your counterparties. To understand how we do so, carry on with the following!

IP Solutions

If you are starting your business and by chance haven’t wired everything in your office yet, there is some good news for you. Now you can save your money by using our IP PBX solutions. The IP Phones shares your computer network. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for another system. Now you can enjoy smooth and crystal clear communication.

Enjoy all this with less wire, complication, and equipment, all summing up for a cheaper yet better communications infrastructure.  With our PBX System Dubai, you get to taste advanced features including IVR and company directory to connect your employees who are a station in different locations. To help you have a clear insight into what we do, have a look at the following points.

  • Seamless voice networking including data networks to connect offices, telecommuters and even mobile workers.
  • Mobile with software to keep your workforce productive despite where they are and what type of content they are dealing.
  • Productive communication models to communication with your workforce effectively.
  • Forward calls to multiple devices and communicate useful before you forward the voicemail.
  • Extending video capabilities to employees via unified communication infrastructure
  • IP Phones to retain work extensions
  • Improved collaboration with simple to click phone call and IM session. Also, you can also easily start a video-conference.
  • Softphones specially made for remote workers. The VoIP can be used with software to allow you make and receive calls at a VoIP number on both mobile and laptop devices.
  • Our systems provide you the scalability from 20 to 40,000 users. This scalability can even extended to 80,000 users for interoffice and intra-office
  • Communication at fingertips with easy to use and advanced IP Phones

Feature rich interface including Voice, video and data networks to initiate phones which communication and invoke applications from voice to data networks. This feature helps to add additional benefits to VoIP communication.

Office IP PBX System Dubai

The PBX systems we offer are built from ground specifically for business of all sizes.  Our systems deliver communication capabilities right according to the particular needs of your business. All this with elegant simplicity along with ease of small businesses.

The IP Business Infrastructure helps to grow your business as it makes you stand out from your competitor with improved employee productivity while making it somewhat affordable for you. The PBX system allows your business to enable their staff to connect and collaborate with their counterparties in real time without any restrictions. With the integration of IP VoIP PBX system in your telecommunication, you can use any device to connect with your prospects including mobile phones, tablets, Desktop, laptops and much more. Following are a few benefits you get to enjoy with our PBX System Dubai.

  • Our systems are an ideal fit for businesses of all size. We look forward to delivering seamless collaboration tools to provide you with your needs. Our solutions accumulate everything to provide even most basic telephony solution for a sophisticated unified experience.
  • Thy MyPBX systems help to create a productive, mobile force to increase the capability and capacity of your workforce and grow your business by improving your service efficiency.
  • We integrate video capabilities in our phones and softphones for your convenience.
  • We provide you with the ability to deliver applications to everything from mobile units to office workers, from receptionists to remote staff and from customer service to supervisors.
  • We give you everything you need to deploy a hybrid solution with unique combination of SIP and IP Technology.
  • We not only provide you with leading edge solutions, in fact, we also offer affordable solutions for the seamless growth of your business. We allow you to build on what you already have without the need to replace anything.

What We Offer!

Our company provides you leading edge solutions for seamless business communication. These systems come with easy IP PBX deployment that provide accessible features to help your business grow. We are providing IP PBX and communication platforms all in different brands while our engineers ensure our systems meet your specified working requirements.

Our main priority is to assure your success despite the size of your business. For this, we are offering you the complete slate support of services that will ensure our telephony solutions will exceed the reservations of your company approach.  To make things easy for you, we work towards providing you the posh of preference in telephonic products. These options include top brands such as Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Dlink, Cisco, Yealink, Yeastar, Grandstream and many more.

Also, we have partnered with top product manufacturers to assure you only qualitative product range. Also to sale and maintenance service. We also provide you valuable advice and insights for integrating the perfect systems, according to your business needs. For providing an unmatched customer experience, we work hard to keep our support online and make sure they answer your query with useful insights.

Working out of Office

The PBX System Dubai are the ideal solution for virtual office as these provide you the ability to work from anywhere via a corporate network infrastructure. This feature allows you to take the advantage of the transparent operation of many features including call ID, Centralized Messaging, and centralized Administration. All this for improved information sharing and collaboration this helps to increase the company-wide working capabilities while decreasing the overall costs. This fact also allows you to link the remote office with the centralized administration system.